A note from our President about AusCycling

September 10, 2019

Hi Vikings

You may have seen recent media coverage relating to Cycling Australia and two specific matters: a major blowout in insurance premiums and a proposal to amalgamate state cycling organisations, road, track, mtb and bmx, called Auscycling.

First on insurance: following a dramatic increase in premiums CA approached the states and clubs with a request to collectively fund around $400k. The alternative was an increase in membership fees. Vikings and the other Canberra clubs agreed to chip in from our reserves to prevent a membership fee increase. We contributed around $5,000. Other states and clubs have taken different approaches, but the Committee felt that moderating any changes in fees was best for our members, and within our financial capabilities.

Second, Auscycling. Members will be aware that Cycling Australia has had financial problems for many years, and does not deliver services to the standard we would all like.
Auscycling is an attempt to rectify the situation. The proposal is explained in some detail at http://auscycling.com.au/ and analysed in a recent CyclingTips article. I strongly recommend that members review these and attend the roadshow to be conducted by CA on Monday night at the AIS. I would also ask that members give the proposal a fair hearing as it appears to be a genuine attempt to solve some difficult problems, even if it may create others. Vikings has not yet formed a view on the proposal and welcomes any and all member feedback. Please get in touch with me or another member of the committee.


Rob Fisher