VCC Juniors


Vikings junior coaching team

The Vikings junior coaching team is among the best in the country. Between them they have a suite of world, national and state championships as riders and coaches, both on the track and the road. Their complementary skills and interests cover the range of cycling disciplines and categories.

Bec Doolan: Bec has raced at the National and Oceania level with a focus on time trials and track racing. She is a two time winner of the NSW ITT championships and won the 2008 Tour de Femme. Bec is an NCAS Level 1 coach and Level 1 Commissaire and a member of the Cycling Australia Women’s Commission. Her coaching interests are junior and women cyclists, with a focus on helping every athlete get the most out of their time on the bike.

Michael Aisbitt: Michael has been involved in cycling for around 35 years. As a competitor he has been three-times world champion, a world record holder and ten-times national champion. As a coach he has been ACT coach on eight occasions and ACTAS associate coach. Michael’s coaching interests have been working with junior and master athletes. He has a basic philosophy of maintaining a balanced, relaxed approach and the ideal of getting maximum returns for a rider’s investment (maximum out from “minimum” in) – efficiency!

Jim Veal: Jim started racing as a 13 year old, winning his first race on a 24 inch bike with a car steering wheel replacing the handlebars. As a junior and elite rider he rode for the Noble Park club (later N.P/Dandenong) on both road and track, and loved riding on the boards at Olympic Park ( built for 1956 Olympics). Jim resumed racing in 2005 after a long break and soon returned to track racing. Since 2005, he has won a collection of state and national championships, seven world championship medals and a rainbow jersey in 2009. Jim’s passion and experience on the bike and as a teacher inevitably led him into coaching. He works with both juniors and masters and loves to see riders aim high then achieve their goals.

Simon Dwyer: Simon is the current Vikings club road coach. He is an active A grade club racer and sometime NRS domestique with Phoenix Cycling Collective, and has an assortment of state championship medals. Simon has a long record of encouraging people to take up road cycling and developing training programs for cyclists to improve their skills, strength, and performance. Simon’s enthusiasm and talent in teaching and supporting novice cyclists has been recognised by several awards including the Cycling ACT Club Volunteer of the Year, Volunteer Coach of the Year (2007 and 2012) and the Cycling Australia Volunteer of the Year (ACT).

Junior training days (daylight savings period)

Monday: Track with Jim. From 4pm at the Narrabundah velodrome

Wednesday: Road intervals with Bec (contact Bec for details)

Thursday: SuperCrit juniors with Simon. Short individual time trial followed by a handicap. 5:15pm at Stromlo Forest Park

Saturday: Beginners and junior track with Jim and Michael. 12-2pm at the Narrabundah velodrome (contact Jim if you are a new rider)

2015 annual plan for Vikings juniors


Junior racing at SuperCrits on Thursdays
Continue track sessions

2 Feb – school returns


Commence road sessions in preparation for junior tours
Track sessions to continue to end of daylight saving

1 March – Big Canberra Bike Ride,
9 March – Canberra Day Holiday


Focus shifts to road training for upcoming junior tours

3-6 April – Easter
12-27 April – School Holidays – NO COACHED SESSIONS


Road tours racing and training

9-10 May – Canberra Junior Tour
30-31 May – Goulburn Junior Tour


Road tours racing and training

27-28 June – Wagga Wagga Junior Tour


Road training
Skills revision

6-17 July – School Holidays – NO COACHED SESSIONS


Winter training break – NO COACHED SESSIONS

1-2 August – Hunter tour
15-16 August – NSW Junior Road Champs, Tamworth
(Riders interested in riding at these tours, and Nationals in September should speak to one of the coaches)


Resume track sessions

11-13 Sept – Junior Road Nationals
27 Sept – 9 Oct – School Holidays


Track and crit racing and training


Track and crit racing and training


Track and crit racing and training

18 Dec – Christmas/NY Shut Down.
Training resumes at start of term 1. Riders with interest in racing, especially championship events, to talk to the coaches about appropriate arrangements.


Proud sponsor of VCC 2014 Race Calendar and Junior Development Program.

The Vikings junior program is proudly supported by Bright Consulting.


Spring! Junior Novice Program (ages 10-16)

The Junior Novice Program is aimed at bringing junior riders into the world of road and track cycling and racing.

The program will be run over six weeks and will introduce juniors aged 10-16 years old to bike safety, bunch riding skills, and race tactics.

Sessions will be held at Stromlo Forest Park on Thursday afternoons from 4:30pm-5:30pm every week. From week 3 an participants will be able to join the track session at Narrabundah velodrome on Mondays from 4:30-5:30 (track bikes are available to borrow).

The program is perfect for juniors who:

  • Are aged between 10 and 16 years old
  • Want to get in to cycling but don’t know where to start
  • Have a bike (road or mountain bike is OK) and Australian Standards approved helmet
  • Can ride a bike but are keen to improve skills and confidence
  • Would like to give a race a go when they are ready.

When: Session 1 is on 13 November, and the final session is 18 December (options for continuation will be discussed during the program).

Cost: Free, thanks to the generous support of Bright Consulting.

How do I sign up? Please send an email to Bec Doolan ( to register your interest. If you have any questions, please email Bec or phone Simon Dwyer (0406 745 488) or Bec (0411 101 851 ).


Junior info

Juniors are grouped in two year brackets according to age at 31 December. Ages range from Under 11 (U11) to Under 19 (U19) years.

For information on the Junior Cycling Program please contact Bec Doolan.


Bikes raced by juniors must have restricted gearing, i.e. they are limited to the highest gear allowed. These gear ratios have been set to help develop pedalling skills, to prevent excessive loads on younger developing muscles and bones and to create a degree of evenness within each age category. There is often a tendency for younger riders to use gear ratios which are far too big.

One of the fundamental secrets to becoming a successful racing cyclist is developing the ability to pedal fast i.e. at high cadence or revolution rate. This is best achieved through the use of low gears, the use of the small chainwheel and a medium to larger cog on the rear cluster.

The limit on gearing is given as a “rollout” – the distance the bike moves for 1 full rotation of the pedals in the highest gear.

Age categories and rollout limits

  • U11 5.5m (5.0m in NSW)
  • U13 5.5m
  • U15 6.0m
  • U17 6.5m
  • U19 7.4 for Women, 7.93 for Men


To check the rollout you should

  • Adjust the front and rear derailleurs so that the chain is on the largest chain wheel and the smallest rear cog.
  • Place the bike on flat, smooth ground, place the cranks exactly vertical so that one of the pedals is at the bottom closest to the ground.
  • Mark the ground directly under the centre of the crank. Wheel the bike backwards (so the chainwheel is turned) in a straight line until the chainwheel has completed one full revolution. At this point the same pedal is again at the bottom of the stroke. Put another mark on the ground directly under the centre of the crank.
  • Measure the distance between the two marks to give you the rollout distance.
  • Repeat the procedure, if necessary, by adjusting the rear cogs and/or chainwheel until the right combination is obtained.
  • Having found the correct combination, the screws on the rear and/or front derailleurs should be adjusted so gear selection is restricted.
  • It must be kept in mind that there are different tyre sizes and wheel dimensions which may affect the rollout so it is best to check all details prior to racing.
  • It is best to check thoroughly your rollout before you race and if in any doubt speak to club coaches who will assist you. Please note that our club coaches are happy to advise you on gear selection and setting up a bike with correct gearing for juniors.
  • Riders found using gear ratios in excess of the above figures can be disqualified and the gears are always checked at open events and will be randomly checked at club events.
  • It should also be noted that all juniors U15 and below must use detachable tyres with beading (singular tubulars are not permitted).