VCC Novice Program

2017 Spring Novice Program

Now Accepting Registrations! 

The 2017 Spring Novice Program will commence with an information session on Tuesday August 21 followed by training sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays. Numbers are limited to a total of 30 with 15 on each training day. A novice bunch will run from Week 3 as part of the Club’s Friday bunch ride ‘The Norman’. The course will provide a great lead up to the Summer Criterium sesason starting in October and the Club’s structured training program leading into the Tour of Bright and LeTour by TdF in December.

The course cost is $150 (+ A Cycling Australia Ride or Race licence)

If you would like more information send an email to

About the Novice Program

The Novice Program is aimed at bringing new riders into the world of road cycling and racing.

The program has been running since 2006 and has proved its ability to prepare riders for a safe and successful first season of racing. We will teach you about safety, bunch riding skills, and race tactics while also helping to motivate you to improve your fitness.

There is a focus on progression at a pace that challenges the individual without pushing them beyond their comfort zones. As such we can cater to many different abilities and the program has successful club riders as well as those who’ve gone on to international fame. But most importantly the program is about meeting fellow cyclophiles and having a lot of fun.

The Novice Program is perfect for you if:

  • you own a road bike with drop handlebars
  • you ride your bike regularly and are keen to improve skills, fitness and confidence
  • you would like to give a race a go when you are ready.
  • Clip in pedals are highly recommended, though not mandatory

The preliminary schedule for our Spring program is:

Week Location Theme Skills
1 (28/8) Stromlo Forest Park (SFP) Ride Basics Starting & Stopping, One-handed riding, One-legged pedalling, Emergency Stopping, Scanning/shoulder checking, Loose bunch riding
2 (4/11) SFP Bunch Riding 1 Bunch language/signals, Braking, Proximity riding, Hands on Shoulders, Cornering in pairs/bunches, Bunch riding
3 (11/11) Alexandrina Dr Bunch Riding 2 Speed Dating, Pacelining, Skipping turns, Elbow flicks, ‘Ease up’, Mini bunch ride, Norman this week
4 (18/11) SFP Cornering Hot Dog turns, Slow vs Fast cornering, Mini bunch ride
5 (25/11) Alexandrina Dr Hills Climbing techniques, Gearing, out of the saddle, Descending
6 (2/10) SFP Race – Sprinting Technique, Gearing, Time trialling
7 (9/10) SFP Race – Breakaway How to breakaway, How to stay away, Positioning, Communication
8 (16/10) SFP Race – Criterium Vikings race session
9 (23/10) SFP Race – Criterium Your first Thursday evening crit?

We host our main novice program in spring, and we sometimes hold an extra one in autumn depending on demand.

For further information or to have your name put on a waiting list contact our novice coordinator.