EOIs open for Autumn dev squad

March 7, 2024

Cheryl Hulskamp is running another popular ACT Development Squad Programme, which kicks off on 11 April 2024. This programme will help you build on your existing skills, boost your fitness, and prepare for the upcoming cycling season (or even tackle a cycling event for the first time).

Here’s what you can expect from this 6-week programme:

  1. Tailored Weekly Training Plan: A customised weekly training plan designed to match your fitness level and triathlon aspirations, blending swimming, cycling, and running disciplines.
  2. Advanced Cycling Techniques: Learn advanced cycling techniques to improve efficiency and speed, which is vital for triathlon success.
  3. ⁠Masterclass Skill Development: Get involved in class-style skill sessions targeting specific areas crucial for triathlon performance.
  4. ⁠Inclusive Community: Join a diverse community of individuals from all walks of life, abilities, ages, and triathlon clubs, fostering support and motivation.
  5. ⁠Weekly Training Sessions: On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 AM to 7:15 AM., join us for on-road coaching sessions focused on fitness and triathlon-specific skills.
  6. ⁠Masterclass Session: Enjoy an extended 2-hour masterclass session offering specialised skills training — date to be confirmed.

Ready to take on the challenge? Click here to express your interest.