This page will give you more information on the types of races the club runs. The racing disciplines include:

  • Road Racing
  • Time Trials
  • Criteriums
  • Track Racing

You can find the race schedule here and can enter through EntryBoss.

Road racing


These races are started with riders in groups of like ability. The slowest riders (limit markers) set off first, followed progressively by the quicker riders, with the fastest riders starting last.

The fastest riders are called the ‘scratch’ riders. The group in front of the scratch group is called the ‘block’.

The time gaps are designed so that in ideal circumstances all groups arrive at the finish together. It is a race in which any rider can combine with other riders to optimise their chance in the race. It is quite acceptable to ‘sit on’ an overtaking rider or group of riders as they have caught you and must be faster or stronger than you.

The winner is the first rider across the line.

Graded scratch road races

In graded scratch races, riders are grouped in grades of like or similar ability. Grades set off at intervals and riders can only race against other riders in that grade.

If a rider or riders are caught or catch riders from another grade then in no circumstances can they combine and must keep separate.

Places are judged for each seperate grade.

Road time trials

This type of race is a race against the clock, with riders setting off at 30 or 60 second intervals. It must be ridden as an individual effort and no drafting is allowed. Usually there are aero and non-aero categories.


These are multi lap races ridden on circuits of approx. 800m-2km. Each grade has a set time and then a number of laps to ride. Vikings holds Supercrits at Stromlo Forest Park during Daylight Saving.

Check out this pdf on Doing Your First Criterium

Track racing

Track racing is undertaken on a banked track or velodrome during summer. The local track is off Goyder St Narrabundah. Races are short and fast with cyclists typically competing in a variety of events during the evening.

Events include team and individual pursuits, sprints, handicaps and graded races, Italian pursuits and madisons.

Find out more about our junior track racing program here and can sign up for training through EntryBoss.