A Sunny SuperCrits (Nov 18th)

November 19, 2021

Hi All
So our Crit season hasn’t started the way we wanted. First, we had lockdown still around during our first two weeks of scheduled racing, followed by no events for the first two official opening weeks. The first night we were allowed back we ended up with around 20mm of rain fall before and during our racing times, and so for safety reasons we called the race.
Last week was our first week back on the track, and it again started racing during the Juniors, Novice and E Grade race. This only got worse during D and C grades, with the conditions getting worse. Again, for safety reasons, we cancelled the A and B Grade races.
So it was with no a small amount of Glee that our Race Director rubbed his hands together when looking at the weather forecast for our race on the 18th. Very little chance of rain, and only a small amount of wind.

With no Novice program run this year (due to COVID restrictions) our numbers in our first race off the line were on the low side, but it was good to see a number of juniors out and on their bike, Big Props to James on his first Crit.

Our second race was A and B grades, with a small A grade field we folded the two grades together and Callum did his utmost to not get beaten by B grade. (with first over the line in both the intermediate sprint and the final, I think we can say he did very well)

Our last race for the evening was C and D Grades. With both grades having a healthy number of participants, it was great to experience a nice and settled D grade, although it was noticed that C grade was a little more rambunctious. As always, we do ask for people to remember we are out to race, but more importantly, to have fun.

Results can be found at the following Google Sheet.
Results were a little delayed this week due to some data quality issues, which race management is working on, and hope to have ironed out next week to ensure that results will be posted in a timely manner. If you have any issues with the results, please contact the Race Director via email – supercrits@vikingscycling.org.au

We would like to remind riders that currently we are not taking at the event entries. If you have a season pass, you still need to register online for each round (you will not be charged assuming you have a valid season pass). If riders are turning up and are not registered, then technically you will be racing unsanctioned, which in turn voids insurance, so we do remind ALL riders that you MUST register online before the event (Rego currently closes at 1400 on the day of the event) and sign on at the desk before your race.

If you would like to purchase a season pass, they can be purchased from the following link

Racing resumes next week, with Novice/Juniors/EGrades starting at 17:50 as normal, followed by D and C Grades at 18:15 and A and B Grades at 18:59. Please remember to turn up ten minutes before your race time so you can get through rego in a timely manner.