Race Report: SDTC Kermesse 2

February 15, 2021

Another perfect day for racing was had by those who came out for the second Kermesse in the four-race series on Sunday.

A stiff southerly sweeping across the false-flat finish combined with the steep rollers required racers to maintain focus for the entirety of the race or risk losing pace with the bunch. Added to the stakes for racers was the opportunity to bag a prize on behalf of Lonsdale Street Cyclery. For spectators, a solid display of exciting and powerful riding was on offer.

C Grade rolled out first with Simon Bauwens (CCC) initiating a strong-pace throughout the race and was duly rewarded with top points for the intermediate sprint. Benjamin Stanyer (ADF), Tim Green (ADF) and Carmine Spagnoletti (VCC) ensured the pace remained high. Hayden Stevens showcased strong race-craft to time the final sprint to perfection taking the win by inching out Simon Bauwens (second) and Carmine Spagnoletti (third).

D grade rolled out shortly behind C grade and the bunch kept its shape for the first half of the race. The bunch split into two shortly after the sprint lap with five riders were left to compete for the win. In the end it came down to another extremely tight sprint contest between all five remaining riders, with James Miller (CCC) taking the win. The timing chips once again proved their worth with Peta Brill (VCC) claiming second spot by the smallest of margins (+:00.3) and Kaitlin McGuire rounding out the podium almost equally as close (+:00.5). Congratulations to Peta who came first out of the women and Kaitlin who came second.

A grade were out of blocks in blistering fashion (leaving the on-looking B graders to jointly agree to undertake a calm start to their race). Although the pace settled down shortly after, the damage was done and the bunch soon lost riders. A four-man bunch remained for the final stages of the race, each rider doing their best to leave the group behind. In the end it was Nicholas Wilson (CCC) who managed to stay away and take out the win. Christopher Hageman (ADF Cycling) and Torben Partridge-Madsen (ANU Cycling) rounded out the podium for second and third respectively.

B grade started in aforementioned agreed calm start, but the power was on soon after. Jonathan Hazell and Jimmy Carroll broke away in the early stages of the race and managed to hang on to take out the intermediate sprint. The bunch soon reformed and remained a tight pack until the final stretch, where Stuart Griffiths (CCC) managed to hold out Marc Vroomans (ADF Cycling – second) and Rainer Wilton (CCC – third) for the win.

A big thank you to all who volunteered at Sunday’s race. The 2021 Road season is run by volunteers from the CCC and VCC and every effort to help out goes a long way to ensuring a comprehensive schedule of races for the year ahead. The coffee cart returned for the action, assisting with pre-race perks and post-race debriefs.

Special thanks for the support shown by Lonsdale Street Cyclery for supporting local racing.

A thank you also to Michael Fawke and Michelle Balaz (Phoenix Cycling Collective) for more spectacular photos.

See the race results in full here