Results: 2019 Uriarra – Condor Creek Scratch Race

September 23, 2019

A glorious sunny day greeted 54 starters for the very tough long course along Uriarra Road.

From Uriarra Homestead riders headed very fast down the false flat towards Uriarra Crossing in a cross-tailwind before turning and dealing with the long grind all the way to the end of the bitumen past Condor Creek. From there it was simply a matter of undoing all of that climbing, over a few lumps and bumps back to the Homestead for the completion of 1 lap.

  • A and B grades completed 3 laps for a total of 90km
  • C and D grades completed 2 laps for a total of 60km
  • E grade completed 1 lap of 30km

Thanks to Michelle from Phoenix Cycling Collective for taking a bevvy of photos from the Start/Finish line. Check them out here

Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who managed to finish the gruelling course. Our next race is the Honeysuckle Hammer on November 24.

GradeNameNumberFinish Place
AJay Vine1051
ADylan Hopkins1392
AFinton Conway7603
ASteve Crispin3464
ADev Grewal2945
AChris Hanson7036
ATristan Dimmock1497
AAndrew McCosker6108
ABrayden Clews-Proctor7669
ANick Wilson378DNF
ALuke Ensor286DNF
AMackenzie Edwardson735DNF
ASean Whitfield42DNF
ATom Chester777DNF
BCal Henshaw14491
BNick Stevens7702
BMichael Rosser12013
BMichael Brice4384
BJonathon Hazell4205
BWill Lucas2936
BAlex Newman410DNF
BNigel Smith675DNF
BEd Hall192DNF
BRowan McMurray1359DNF
CMatt Dunstall6151
CCameron Rogers5702
CPaul Hollings7723
CBre Vine (Women's A)4184
CSimon Costello13575
CMatt Hinchcliffe14246
CMankewich/Carruthers Tandem14917
CMichael Beatsun7008
CKieran McCormack14619
CTom McQuillan85210
CConan Liu1439DNF
CPete Storey1475DNF
CAndy Collins649DNF
DSam Coleman2531
DEd Logue14292
DRafi Khan14653
DCol Young7454
DCarmine Spagnoletti4295
DCai Von Ahlefeldt7576
DMarko Torbarina7467
DPatrick Lockwood533DNF
DJames Jordan146DNF
DGray Beatsun765DNF
EMelany Toombs351
EDarryl Cram4052
EPenelope Anderson14633
ELance Purdon8464
EJon Lowe6675
EHannah Calderwood6296
EColin Yow745DNF