Vikings Cycling Club COVID update May 2020

May 19, 2020

As we enter the next phase of the COVID crisis it’s a good time to remind members of how the Club is managing the situation to ensure we play our part in helping the community get through these times. Although further changes were introduced over the weekend, this will still not allow the close spaced bunch rides and racing that we are used to.

The Canberra Clubs, CACT and CA have worked with the ACT Government and agree that the ACT has moved to Level B in the AIS “Framework for rebooting sport” Level B is: Avoid cycling in slipstream of others — maintain 10m from cyclist in front. Avoid packs of greater than 2 (including motorcycle derny).

To reiterate, the current Club position is that no organised events are allowed, including bunch rides like Wednesday Wasabi, Friday Norman, track and racing. Further, the club advises that members should follow the government guidelines and ride indoors, solo or in pairs, maintaining social distance of 1.5m (or 1 person per 4 square meters). If you’re exhibiting symptoms stay away.

Recently we’ve noticed an increase in members returning to familiar Wednesday Wasabi and Friday Norman rides in larger numbers and informally organising other bunch rides. While the temptation to get back to normality is high for everybody, it’s important to be aware that bunch riding is still not recommended by the current guidelines and therefore is not condoned by the club, by Cycling ACT or Cycling Australia. Cycling Australia’s insurance, that covers all club members, is likely to be affected by ignoring the guidelines which should be a significant concern to all.

And remember…wash your hands…if you’re exhibiting symptoms, don’t ride…and snot rockets…Fuhgeddaboudit.