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Honeysuckle Hammer

  Honeysuckle Hammer: Sprint for cash, climb for glory! Boom!…and just like that we’ve reached the last race on our road calendar for the year… Who will lift the Hammer aloft this year and claim their place in climbing mythology? […]

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VCC SuperCrits 2017/18

Hi All As we have now started Daylight savings, that means it is time for Crits. For our timetable, we are going to continue to keep it simple. Every Thursday

2017 ITT Championships

  With a pretty wet start to the day it wasn't looking great for the time trial, but the skies cleared and with only light winds for the roll

Results – VCC Lookout Hill Road Race 23 April 2017

Place Name Club Number Grade 1 David Girdwood VCC 533 E 2 Priscilla Barrington MAA 724 E 3 Conan Liu VCC 252 E 4 Gerard Allan VCC 429 E 5 Liz Buchan VCC 729 E 6 Michael Ryan VCC 1307 E 7 Viv Rolland VCC 1432 D 8 Luke Bewley VCC 542 D 9 Kurt Andrews VCC 1407 D 10 Lauren Robards VCC 770 D 11 Rainer Wilton CCC 277 D 12 Jerome Foblett VCC 1306 E 13 Zoe Sinclair VCC 723 E 14 Cameron Colebatch VCC 675 D 15 Ian Preston VCC 1378 D 16 Alex Jamieson VCC 253 E 17 Reg Sheridan CCC 700 E 18 Ben Long VCC 203 D 19 Nicole Bruce VCC 1360 E 20 Geoff Miles VCC 1497 D 21 Nathan Booth CCC 396 A 22 Jordan Louis St George 703 A 23 Noa Millman CCC 144 D 24 Matt Rice CCC 725 A 25 Michael Brice CCC 150 A 26 Alex Newman CCC 410 C 27 Anthony

Supercrits 2016/2017 Finale

And with tonight, the sun sets on our SuperCrits season. With (A Lot) of rain, 6 people decided to race (Even though we had maybe double that in bikes

Andy Collins

Andy, firstly thanks for everything you have done and keep doing for the club.  Take us back to when you first found Vikings. I did the Novice Program in

Rob Fisher

G'day Rob... thanks for taking the time to share your Vikings memories.  For starters, over what period were you engaged with the club and in what capacity? I did

Deciana Speckmann

Hi Dees- great to have you back in the country once again.  Lets start with when you first arrived at Vikings? I first joined the club in 2008 to

Juniors on the track

Congratulations to Dylan Weir who won the 34th Clarence St Cyclery Cup wheel race for U17 men on Saturday night (7 Nov) at Dunc Gray Velodrome in Sydney. Also

2015 AGM

The Vikings Cycling Club Committee invites you to attend the Annual General Meeting 6:40pm Thursday 5 November 2015 at Stromlo Forest Park (during the SuperCrits, between the D/E and A/B/C races) The