Illustration of an arm holding up a rainbow flag on a yellow background with "show your support" written above the flag and "Sunday 26 June Final Winter Crisis #pridemonth" text under the flag

Support Pride Month at the final Winter Crit

June 21, 2022

In celebration of pride month, Vikings Cycling Club and Canberra Cycling Club are making a commitment to more inclusive racing by showing support for any of our LGBTIQ+ members.

Inclusion and diversity is a core value of our clubs, and something we need to keep working on together to ensure we create a safe space for all members. We want to create an environment where all members can be themselves and feel supported to participate in our rides and races.

In consultation with the AIS’s Thrive with Pride program, we are working together to develop an official approach on LGBTIQ+ racing for longer term change.  

However it is never too early to show support for inclusion, so we are asking all our racers for the final winter crit on Sunday 26 June to turn up in their brightest coloured (or rainbow!) kit. By doing this – whether you are part of the LGBTIQ+ community or an ally – it will be a small but important step to show that all are welcome and seen.
Committing to supporting pride in sport goes beyond June.

The Vikings Cycling Club will also:

  • Add a statement to our website about our commitment to inclusion
  • Create a new committee role for an inclusion officer. This role will ensure the club has a person who is dedicated to receiving feedback, accountable for driving inclusive practices, and will work with appropriate organisations for advice. Nominations for the role longer term will form part of our Annual General Meeting.
  • Work with the appropriate bodies to identify any appropriate training required for coaches.

VCC welcome any feedback or suggestions on what we can do better to promote more inclusive cycling to our women’s officer Kaitlin at