Grading Policy

Current VCC Gradings

The Vikings Cycling Club has aligned its grading policy with Cycling NSW and has used this policy to allocate grades to all of its riders. Riders have received three separate gradings to represent:

  • Local Club Racing
  • Open Handicap Racing, and
  • the CCC Criterium Series.

Generally speaking, the three separate gradings a rider receives will be equivalent. However, in some circumstances the criterium grading will be out of alignment with the local/open grading due to the different policies the summer criterium season has for promoting/demoting riders.

A rider should race in the grade specified in the latest gradings that the handicapper is responsible for overseeing. Riders will be moved up/down grades based on the handicapper’s discretion and will based on:

  • a rider’s continued performance
  • the number of racers in the field
  • the quality of the field, and
  • a rider’s race-craft.

If riders believe they should be in another grade, it is recommended that they contact the handicapper to discuss the possibility of a move.

Any queries regarding gradings or the policy VCC have implement can be discussed with the VCC Handicapper.