Vikings Raids

What are Vikings Raids, you ask? These are when a group of Vikings Cycling Club members get together to go on longer weekend rides en masse, whether it be overnight gravel adventures or to organised gran fondo events.

Peaks Challenge 2021

In the true Viking way, we pick our targets carefully, assemble the masses, don our helmets and armour, jump in our long boats and raid. However instead of targets, we usually select popular long rides. Such as events like Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, Tour of Bright, Gears and Beers, or the Tour De Beechworth. Instead of helmets and armour, we’ve modernised to incorporate suitable all day riding attire. Puffer vests and flannel shirts mix comfortably with Lycra. And the obvious change is bikes not boats…but different to our bunch ride rules, any suitable bike is fine. 

Gears and Beers 2022

Each Raid is different and requires varied levels of preparation and training. For the Peaks Challenge and Tour of Bright, members are encouraged to consider joining the training and development squads on offer. For the gravel rides, particularly Gears and Beers where we often have a small group who ride to the event, self sufficiency and specific equipment are strongly recommended. 

However the overarching theme is to have a lot of fun enjoying a weekend away of riding and socialising. And don’t just take our word for it, read the Peaks Challenge 2021 stories here.

Upcoming Raids

In 2023 we will be looking to Raid Peaks Challenge Falls Creek again. Find out more about securing accommodation in our news.

Otherwise keep an eye out on our social media and newsletter for training rides and other Vikings Raids!